Black Quartz Countertops as the Top of Cabinets and Dressers

Reflection comes from black quartz countertops of a bathroom dresser is very dazzling since it is enlightened with nice bathroom lighting concept. A white sink with metal faucet is available on this countertop decorated with white orchid arrangement in black vase. Go to see another picture, we will find a contemporary kitchen that makes the room looks fresher. White kitchen cabinets have black top made of quartz stone material. The next picture is still a kitchen yet has warm kitchen atmosphere. White lacquered cabinets in this kitchen are having black color shade comes from the quartz countertop on the top part of them.

A white kitchen island can also be such a kitchen bar even a serving table. Accompanied by zebra bar stools, this kitchen furniture is applied quartz material as the thing to construct its countertop. Another kitchen shows us the solid black quartz countertops installed on the top of the white drawer cabinets there. The built in lamps on the white painted ceiling above are giving nice lights which can be reflected by these countertops. We can also combine black kitchen island with countertop in black color scheme to get bold black look of the furniture in kitchen.

Vintage kitchen design is seen from the next picture. Grayish black countertops of the white kitchen cabinets in this kitchen space are so lovely decorated with white blossoms. More modern kitchen has black metal kitchen appliances that placed all over the space there. We can also find the black colored countertops of the wooden kitchen cabinets furnishing this kitchen. Laminate wood floors are used as the kitchen flooring concept following the former interior color scheme.

Traditional kitchen stools are very classical placed surrounding a wooden kitchen bar with black top. The main interior of this kitchen is actually white mixed with black color shades. It feels that black quartz countertops for kitchens are so nice in giving unique accent.


Other Collections of Black Quartz Countertops as the Top of Cabinets and Dressers

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